New England Patriots

The New England Patriots were in the NFL(National Football League) for about 50 years. The chairman Robert Kraft is also the C.E.O and owner. Jonathan Kraft is the president of the team, and Bill Belichick is the head coach. They have appeared in 17 playoffs, 13 division championships, 6 conference championships, and 6 overall Super Bowls. They play in Gillette Stadium in Foxboro,Massachusets. They are sometimes called by their nickname “The Pats”. There is also the quarterback named Tom Brady. He won 3 Super Bowls in all and had two consecutive Super Bowls. He threw a total of 34,774 yards. His QB rating is 95.2. He made 261 touch downs and only 103 interceptions in his whole career. He made 4,710 pass attempts and completed over half of them. His total percentage of completions made was 63.6%. He had two M.V.P awards and 3 Super Bowl M.V.P’s. Well thats it for today. Bye.


Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnestoa Timberwolves were founded in 1989. They’re in the Western Conference and the Northwest Division. They play in Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their team colors are state blue, dark green, Black, Silver, and White. Their owner is Glen Taylor. Their general manager is David Khan. Their head coach is Kurt Rambis. Finally, their D-Leage are the Sioux Falls Skyforce. They’ve been to 0 championships and 0 conference titles. Suprisingly they’ve only made it to one division title. They have many good players though like Kevin Love, Wesely Johnson, Anthony Tolliver, Martell Webster, Sebastion Telfair, and Jonny Flynn. Well thats it for today. Bye!!

Detroit Pistons

Hi. You are probally asking why I’m writing a comment about the Detroit Pistons. Well here’s the answer. A 4th grade teacher commented on my last post about the Lakers and said that she was a fan of the Detroit Pistons. They are in the Easter conference and in the Central division. They play in the arena of Auburn Hills, Michigan. The name of the arena is The Palace of Auburn Hills. They went to 5 champoinships, 7 conference titles, and 13 division titles. They joined the NBL in 1941 and the NBA in 1948. The owner is Karen Davidson. The general manager is Joe Dumars.  And finally, the head coach is John Kuester. Did you know they actually use to be the Fort Wayne Pistons. If you want to learn more info about the Detroit Pistons click this link. Well thats all for today. Bye!

L.A Lakers

The L.A Lakers are the home team of L.A (Los Angeles). Thier franchise started when people purchased the disbanded team of the Detroit Gems on 1947. They are an NBA (National Basketball Association) team. Thay play in a stadium called the Staples Centerr with their rival the L.A Clippers. They made the finals six times in 1960, but always lost to their other rival, the Boston Celtics. They hold the longest winning streak set during 1971-72. Did you know they were regularly a team in Minnasota but moved their team to Los Angeles before the 1960-61 season. Then they became know as the famous L.A Lakers we know today. Lastly, they have 17 championships and 32 conference titles. These are their jerseys.



Heterogeneous mixtures

Today I’ll be talking about something called a heterogeneous mixture. A heterogenous mixture is a kind of mixture that is unequally mixed. In another saying a heterogeneous mixture is composed of dissimular parts.A heterogeneous mixture is a reaction of a gas and a solid, liquid and a gas or a liquid and a solid. Mainly what you are suppose to know mainly about a heterogeneous mixture is that it is a mixture of two or more compunds, not molecules or particles. Well if you want to learn more about mixtures go to our blog. here is our URL!

Never give up!!

One of the most important things in your life is to never give up and try to fulfill you dream. How did I come up with this very important lesson you ask? I got it from a movie I watched. I wont be telling you the whole story though. There is this guy named Chris Gardner. He stood outside of a building carrying bone density scanners for months and finally got a chance to get a job. That job was to become a stock broker. His wife had just left him and he had to take care of his son. He has been training to be a stock broker for six months. Scince he had no money and wasn’t getting paid he ended up being homeless. He had to live in a bathroom for one time and then a homeless shelter for another. He got the chance again by meeting a C.E.O of another company and was turned down , but he still never gave up. After all those hard months it finally paid off. He became a stock broker, opened up his own business, and made a multi-million dollar deal. That movie gave me the idea to write about this. Again, never give up and you can always fulfill your dream.

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